Start the holiday, we have compiled a list of wishes, every serious fake pomellato jewelry devil will faint. These are my favorite designers, must-haves for antique jewelers and distributors, and some interesting things. Every day, this blog post will update a project, and if you need a better way to remember, a newsletter will highlight the designer or our hand-picked project. It's always special at this time of year, but it will be so soon - we hope this list will help you plan rather than spend your time in your life. So let's take a look at this list!

Full disclosure: The designer must pay a small fee to participate in this project. Depending on the number of products each item sells during the promotion, I receive a zero commission - this is not a commission-based plan.

Designer: Pomellato Jewelry

Why is she on the list: Her jewelry is my personal favorite because I own a few pieces (most recently an ancient coin studded fake pomellato necklace). Each piece is handmade in California, and I like - little business, great people, beautiful work. I also like the style and design of her rings, and I think they paired with antique jewelery really well. Find a gem to tell you and your style / collection, you will not be disappointed!

Designer: Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry

Why they are on the list: The rainbow is very popular this year, and I like everything - these ombré rings instantly light up any heap in a bold style and bold light. These gems are hand-selected when creating each ombré palette and hand-crafted Los Angeles. Each series needs a replica van cleef & arpels ring!