crystal cube earrings

These elegant Swarovski crystal replica van cleef & arpels jewelry cubes are simply hung from plain silver head and eye pins. The cubes swing freely to playfully catch and refract light with each turn of your head.

one • Slide a black diamond cube bead onto a head pin and measure up about ⁄ 1 " (61mm). Make a loop in the wire. Trim away the excess wire with wire cutters.

replica van cleef & arpels ring

two • Slide an eye pin onto the open loop and then close it with round-nose pliers.

three • Slide a jet diagonal cube onto the eye pin.

four • Cut the eye pin wire to about ³⁄8" (1cm) above the bead and make a loop in the wire with round-nose pliers. Slide the loop onto the earwire and close the loop with pliers.

twisted leaf ring

These tiny flowering stems are easy to create—just twist folded sterling wires together with your fingertips. Fresh-water pearl buds and miniature glass leaves are simply threaded onto the wires and then twisted into place. The length of the stems is completely adjustable. If you prefer, make smaller replica van cleef & arpels ring with a single bud and one or two leaves, or extend the stem and add more pearls and leaves to make a longer ring.

one • Cut about 8" (20cm) of wire and thread a freshwater pearl onto one end, about 2½" (6cm) or so from the end of the wire. Twist the wires together three times to secure the bead

two • Measure up about 7 ⁄8" (2cm) from the top of the twisted bead and then wrap one wire around the round-nose pliers to make a small loop that is open at the bottom with about ½" (13mm) of straight wire under the loop. This wire will form the center stem.

three • Thread a leaf bead onto the open wire, hold the leaf ³⁄8" (1cm) away from the pearl, The leaf will be trapped on a wire loop. Then tightly twist the wire loop three times to create a short stem. Twist the wire three times around the central stem. Repeat to add two more leaves, separating each addition with three twists around the center stem wire.

four • Wrap the wire around the open end of the open loop shape to secure the opening.

five • Open the loop on the fake van cleef & arpels clover bracelet post and lide on the loop at the top of the twisted wire. Use pliers to close and secure the loop.