Woven Seed Bead Fake Panthere De Cartier Ring

Although reminiscent of Native American beadwork, these woven fake panthere de cartier ring are much easier to make and don’t require a beading loom. Their low profile makes them comfortable to wear. The key to successfully stringing them is the FireLine beading thread. Lightweight yet strong, the strand threads easily through beading needles and has no trouble passing multiple times through a small seed bead.

one • Cut a 28" (71cm) length of FireLine and thread a beading needle onto each end. String one turquoise seed bead, a pink bugle bead and the wire.

two • Slide on another row of beads and bring both ends of the wire through all the beads in opposite directions.

three • Repeat steps one and two to continue building the ring. Continue until you have a finished beaded length of 2¼" (6cm), or enough beading to wrap around the desired finger.

four • To make a circle, bring both ends of the ring together and thread the beading needle in the opposite direction through the first row of beads.

five • Tie the ends of the thread in a strong knot to secure the ring.

Charm Imitation Pomellato Necklace

Afun-loving timekeeper, this playful imitation pomellato necklace is dripping with sentiment. Whimsical heart, cupid and key wired, connected with jump rings or strung around the watchband. Since it’s made with heavyweight elastic, you won’t have to struggle with a clasp—simply pull the finished bracelet over your hand for a comfortable fit.

one • Thread glass beads onto head pins and cut the head pin wire to about ¼" (6mm) above each bead. Turn a small loop in the wire with round-nose pliers. Slide each wired bead and metal charm onto a jump ring.

two • Attach one side of the fake van cleef & arpels necklace face to a piece of thick beading elastic with a no. 4 crimp tube. Use crimping pliers to flatten the crimp tube.

three • Slide a few charms randomly onto the elastic

four • Slide on more beads following the charms. Continue stringing on beads and charms until the total beaded length is about 6" (15cm)

five • Secure the end of the elastic to the replica van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace face with a no. 4 crimp tube. Flatten the crimp tube and trim away any excess elastic tail with scissors.