The white topaz takes a very high polish and thus resembles the diamond in the daytime. Bristol vca clover necklace diamonds replica, and Lake George diamonds are formms of rock crystal, used for imitating diamonds.

Grouping Stones By Color
Tourmaline, phenactite, spinel, and beryl are other colorless fake vca clover bracelets diamond less often seen. The moonstone is an opalescent, opaque, white stone easily dirstinguished by iths soft bluish light. The white opal is also easily distinguished by its play of lights. White coral and white jade are clear, opaque white stones.

Red Stones
The ruby is the most beautiful and the most costly of the transparent red cartier panther ring replica, being more expensive than the diamond, especially in the pigeon's blood hue. The ruby is very hard. The red garnet, red spinel, red tourmaline and red quartz are so like the ruby as often to be mistaken for it. These stones are softer than the ruby.

The fire opal may be called a red stone, as red is its predominating tint. This cannot be confused with any of the other red stones because of the play of light in it. The carnelian, which is the color of raw flesh, is an opaque stone often seen in sigent rings.