Time is the best verifier of a section of the feelings, and jewelry is the best witness of a relationship, has witnessed a couple from the acquaintance, friend, love to spend the whole process. In this process, the Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica as a silent camera, slowly change the mentality of the record of the road, just put the jewelry out, your mind will be able to emerge one by one

I am waiting for your arrival in time, you do not come, I’m not old. So at such a silent gesture waiting for your late, came across each man was thinking this will not be How about you, even if you’ve come, but I still can not confirm, wait for too long, almost lost the ability to distinguish, and was more afraid of the wrong people, such a mood that you can understand?

Every time you send a gift I have carefully appropriateness of, because these are the evidence we loved, how I fear that time is not old, but you have left me. I was also afraid of passion, I fear passion always faded quickly, leaving people to feel more lonely desolate. So I am glad to be your gift of Amulette de Cartier necklace replica or replica dior sunglasses, but I was afraid to accept, I do not know that behind your gift of jewelry in the end because of love or because the apology, it makes me contradictory, more preoccupied me.

My greatest fear is that we walked on the loose, and it was forgotten by time, in the world without a trace. So I always like to collect some proof of your existence, these only seem to make me really feel you by my side, I do not dream. Because of you, I am willing to take root in this city which is not like this originally. Just because there is a you. I hope in the future you tell me, this life has you, how good!

Time to accompany us through, married and have children, so the heart gradually settled. I slowly began to believe that you’re the one I will never betray the people, even if no fancy Replica Bvlgari B.ZERO1 Ring with sweet words, but actions from your eyes and I have learned that we’re a family that can’t be separated.

This life, only wish the time never get old, love lingers forever.