Diamond value

The terms "first water", "second water", "third water" and "fancy stone" describe the quality of replica van cleef & arpels ring. The word "water" is used because it is invisible when a perfect diamond is submerged in water.

The first water stone is perfect. The second water stone has some minor defects, flawless, but colored, or colorless, with minor defects. The third water stone has obvious defects or defects or obvious color.

Fancy stones are those that have unique and beautiful colors. White replica van cleef clover ring completely no color, as clear as dew.

Diamond history

Earlier, diamonds, like other gems, are considered charismatic against disease and evil spirits and are closely linked to medical art. Later, the diamonds were only worn by the king's magnificence. For the first time they were privately decorated by French women who were worn in the fifteenth century. Today, they hold an important place in the world of beauty and luxury. Russian crown jewelery contains some of the world's famous replica van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace, Austria's Imperial Treasury has about 500,000 US dollars worth of Florence diamonds.

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Queen Victoria's crown is velvet, decorated with a mink border, full of gold, silver, set with diamonds, pearl, sapphire and emerald. It contains over 2000 diamonds and 277 pearls.

The origin of the diamonds used in the engagement rings may have been due to the fact that for centuries they were all considered to have a strong spiritual influence, symbolizing permanence and innocence.

Many people buy diamonds as an investment. In the past decade, the price of the fake van cleef & arpels necklace has tripled. Prior to the war in Europe, the prices of quality gemstones and diamonds rose each year in goods of greatly increased value due to the war.