Now, most of van cleef jewelry replica are made of alloy in the China Market. They look very nice and last many years not fade. An alloy is a combination of two or more metals produced by fusion. An alloy of gold, platinum, or silver means a combination of gold, platinum, or silver with any of the baser metals.

Tell you the knowledge about the metals chiefly used in alloying the precious metals are:

With gold - silver, copper, or nickel.
With silver - tin, zinc, lead, or copper.
With platinum - palladium, iridium, or silver.

Alloy Metal Purposes

There are many ways to use in the daily life with replica hermes Clic H narrow bracelet. When metals are alloyed, their good qualities seem to combine. Whn copper, silver or nickel are added to gold, they increase its strength and toughness without destroying its beauty or metallic luster, unless an excess of metal is used. Gold and silver posses all the qualities, except hardness, necessary for making beautiful jewelry. Pure gold is so soft that it is practically unusable.

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Pure gold cannot be affected by any gases or impurities in the air or water; silver is only affeted by sulphur; but copper will corrode under ordinary atmospheric conditions. Gold which contains a large amount of copper will in hot weather leave a green mark on the skin. Platinum is unalterable by the air or even by acids under ordinary conditions but the "white gold" imitation of platinum contains silver and nickel which are attacked by sulphur or acids.

Metals are also alloyed to modify their color and to cause them to melt more easily. A solder must have a lower melting point than that of the metal to be soldered. Gold and silver to the first and copper to the second. An cartier panther ring replica may have a melting point even lower than that of either of the metals of which it is composed as in the case of tin and lead which are combined to make "soft solder."

Furthermore, One obvious reason for alloying the precious metals is to reduce the cost of material.